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Natural Ride - "The Bareback Saddle"
Natural Ride - "The Bareback Saddle"

Natural Ride - "The Bareback Saddle"

Natural Ride - "The Bareback Saddle"
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What is the Natural Ride?
  • Better than a bareback pad... Better than a saddle...
  • It is the natural and ECONOMICAL way to ride... with or without STIRRUPS.
  • Mount ANYWHERE!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs only 8 lbs.
  • COMFORTABLE for horse and rider
  • Used at THERAPEUTIC riding programs

Natural Ride solves many problems:
  • Do you want the close contact of bareback riding?
  • Are you tired of lifting heavy saddle onto your horse?
  • Do you ride bareback...but are tired of hunting for a rock to mount from?

BENEFITS of the Natural Ride:

Natural Ride Bareback PadDesigned around the patented Natural Ride fork, the Natural Ride bareback pad is made for maximum comfort and easy adjustment. The Natural Ride's fork has a strong molded black polyurthane withers arch which fits a wide variety of horses (see diagram at right) and allows the rider to mount and dismount anywhere. The stirrups and girth hang from the Natural Ride's fork. The stirrups can be quickly adjusted for a 19" inseam up to a 36" inseam.

The bottom of the Natural Ride is made of waffled neoprene which provides both shock absorption and extra cushioning. It is non-slip, allows air to circulate, and is anti bacterial, making it easy to clean and eliminating pad smell.

The pad is butterfly design which fits a wide variety of backs. The pad won't scrunch when being ridden. Made of heavy denim and will stand up to wear. Heavy black nylon web stirrup straps. Heavy black nylon web 1-3/4" tie straps and off billet. Top quality rayon girth with tie down ring is included.

Measure your horse to be sure the Natural Ride will fit: (diagram at right)
A. Take a piece of soft bendable wire, 24" long and shape over the top of the
withers, 12" on either side.
B. Measure the distance between the ends and if the distance is between 10" and 20" the Natural Ride will fit.

EASY to cinch up!
It works just like any western saddle...

1. Take the latigo or tie strap run it down through the cinch and then back up.
2. Run the latigo or tie strap back through the Natural Ride rigging ring and then back through the cinch.
3. Pull the latigo or tie strap tight and use the cinch tongue to hold it tight. Loop any excess through the latigo hold strap on the front of the pad.

CHOOSE Western or English Stirrups
Western: 2" wide stirrup straps and black Ralide stirrups with 2" tread and 6" inside width.
English: 1-1/4" wide stirrup straps and 4-1/2" stirrup irons.


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